LFS 0.6E Pro Tweak v1.5 – LFS Tweak

LFS 0.6E Pro Tweak v1.5 – LFS Tweak

Apr 7, 2013

LFS 0.6E Pro Tweak v1.5 – LFS Tweak

LFS Tweak Features:
-Process selector.
-Wheels values converter from real life values to lfs tweaking values.
-Load older patches tweak files (0.5Z34 / 0.6A1 / 0.6A2/A3/A4 / 0.6B)
-Save/Load All values in a file or Save/Load just a part of the values.
-Edit all possible at this moment cars characteristics.
-Update detection.

-Its still beta so it has some bugs.
-Now plugins can now be turned on/off and show you if its on or off.

LFS 0.6E Pro Tweak v1.5 - LSF Tweaks

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LFS Tweak from LFS-Tweak.com

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