Nissan Skyline – XR – LFS Cars

Nissan Skyline – XR – LFS Cars

Apr 28, 2013

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Nissan Skyline – XR - LSF Cars

Download for FREE Nissan Skyline – XR for Live For Speed

LFS Car Info :
Created by: Slowman
Version: For LFS Z10 or above.
The pack contains Nissan Skyline – XR modeled and textured by Slowman.

LFS Nissan Skyline – XR Car Video

Nissan Skyline - XR - LSF Cars

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  1. ozm8 /

    why it no download after it installed those programs

    • lfs_mods /

      pls, dont use theirs download manager,

      after waiting those 2o sec. UNCHECK the “Download with Rapidgator’s download manager” and download just the file

  2. mario /

    Don’t download avg says its a viris you have been warned

    • lfs_mods /

      im using this car right now, and i dont see any problem as well as my anti virus

  3. ozm8 /

    someone please tell me how to download this after it install rapid gator it doesn’t download wtf

  4. ozm8 /

    nope doesn’t work all it does is install reg clean and another program and set your homepage and doesn’t download the mod

    • ozm8 /

      ok it works now I must have downloaded something else with the same name somehow :)

  5. mario /

    is it possible to get this working online i get that joos car error like every other mod i wanna drive skyline online damm it

  6. Slowman /

    I appreciate that, you like my mod :D I did it in 2011 for version Z28. Skyline never will be available for 0.6E, sorry. Greetings from Poland!

    • lfs_mods /

      odwaliłeś kawał dobrej roboty :D kozaczny modzik ! :D pozdrawiam z Hiszpani :D

  7. azooz /


  8. how can I remove electronic dashboard, it’s in front of green dashboard.(I’m bad at english, Im south korean)

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